Introduction to TFI Charts

The easiest and quickest way to explaining what the TFICharts are and how we got here will be with a question and answer format. Q: Why another charting program? A: There are many charting programs ranging from the free browser based charts up to be more expensive and “professional” desktop platforms. There is just one […]

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TFI Charts: Getting Started

The first time you run the program you have to enter the TimeFrameInvestor user information, the Program Registration Number, and the user information for the data feed. Each time the subscription is renewed you will be sent a new Program Registration Number to enter. From the main menu you select Registration, Program Reg #, and

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TFI Indicators

In the “Getting Started” section, we looked at creating a “standard” chart, just the regular price and volume, and with adding a few “traditional” indicators to the chart. In this section we will begin to examine the TFI Indicators, what they mean and how they work. Let us begin with a comparison of the “standard”

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TFI Indicator Basics

There are the various parts of the TFI Indicators, the color of the candle, the color of the trend, the oscillator, the arrows, and the overbought/oversold dots and diamonds. None of these indicators are meant to be used as a “stand alone” indicator to generate a signal. For a low risk signal you need to

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What is a good trader?

This is a good question that we should ask ourselves. Think about the first thing that comes to mind when you ask this question. Is it being able to read a financial statement and come up with a good “Fundamental Analysis”? Is being a good trader being a “chart wizard”? Or does it mean having

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Long term trading

There are 3 directions the price can move in. This article looks at an upwards move. Every position that is entered is based on expectations of where the price will be at some point in the future. This future could be mere minutes away for a day trader all the way up to many months

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Sideways & Down

In this article we take a look at the risks and rewards of sideways and downwards moves. In the previous article we discussed some of the risks and rewards of looking for an upwards move. Today we are going to very briefly take a look at looking for a downwards move, and also begin to

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Different Types of Analysis

A brief discussion on Fundamental vs Technical Analysis We know that from where the price is at right now it can go up, down, or sideways. You could roll a dice, or flip a coin, but that does not give you much confidence in how a determination is made as to what the price will

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Technical Analysis Introduction

We have previous covered some philosophical issues, that there are 3 directions the price can take, and then we very briefly touched on the risks and rewards of different types of positions that can be entered to take advantage of these 3 directions. We then briefly looked at Fundamental analysis and compared it to some

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