Charts and Positions

Today we saw the markets dealing with some shorter term time frame issues. Yesterday and this morning I pointed out that the intraday charts were getting oversold. We did see some follow thru on the djx and spx for part of today, but this afternoon those oversold conditions lead to the start of an intraday

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Trading Time

This week a “Members Only” article was published that presented a strategy that can generate a profit if the price of a stock or index moves sideways, moves up, or moves down. The position is not risk free. The risk characteristics were examined in detail with some possible ways to reduce or eliminate that risk

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Back Ration Spreads

A look at how a Back Ratio position can be used. In previous articles we have discussed how calls (or call spreads) can be bought to take advantage of an upwards (“long”) move, and puts or a put spread bought for a downwards (“short”) move. For these directional positions the price of the stock or

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To lead, or to follow?

I am not talking about personality traits, but rather trading styles. There are risks and rewards associated with both styles. I will very briefly touch upon the characteristics, so that you can get a better idea of which trading style will fit you best. A leading system is one that is more of a contrarian

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